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Glam Laptop

With the special edition HP Laptop by Vivienne Tam you can flaunt your style while making your dough!

Tab worthy

When work is over, visit to find a happy hour near you, with free flowing drinks and great people to meet!


Mobile Entrepreneurship

We no longer have to be chained to our desks to prove that we are working hard! Nowadays... entrepreneurs are handling their business while on the go. Even mainstream companies are starting to let more of their employees work from home or other off-site locations. Affordable Smart Phones , Laptops, Video Conferencing services, and even Virtual Assistants have made it possible for us to work from anywhere, without missing a beat!   

The Boss

The iPhone offers time saving, productivity applications to help you stay on task and work smarter!

Keep organized,
stay focused.

A new online service, Gist, helps you organize your contacts and keep in touch with the outside world.