Top Strategies For Landing New Clients


As entrepreneurs we are always looking for effective ways to land new clients. By acquiring new clients, we are able to increase sales, build credibility and grow our small businesses. However, failing to land new business is bad news for any company.

While there is no magical way to get new clients lined up outside of your business, there are proven strategies that work for entrepreneurs like you every single day. With the right strategy and a high level of dedication, you can get the results you need.

Here are the top 12 strategies entrepreneurs use to land new clients… Put these powerful techniques to work for your business.  

1. Make them afraid of NOT using your service. Create a problem in their minds and paint yourself as the solution to those problems. -Jennifer Chiongbian

2. Offer a tiered structure of offerings. Here’s what I mean… If a client purchases 3 of my workshops, they receive some bonus items. If a client purchases 6 workshops, they receive even more bonus items. And if they purchase 9 or more workshops, they receive all of those items PLUS personalized coaching sessions from me. This hierarchy of offerings gives potential clients a choice. They appreciate the options and can choose the one that’s best for them. -Michael Brenner

3. Create a sense of urgency. One thing we’ve used recently to land a big project is this: We had a proposal in for a big commercial.  The client was taking forever to get back to us, and had to run it by umpteen board members.  So I ran a Facebook contest giving away Starbucks cards, and I asked this client to join.  He did, and when I sent him his Starbucks card, I included a $1,000 discount coupon that expired in a month.  This put the urgency in his decision. -Margelit Hoffman

4. Think of what your client wants most…and give it to them, with no strings attached. The first thing I do is find a way to drive new customers through their doors. I do this BEFORE I ask for their business, as a testament to my good faith. It (almost) always gets their attention. Then we have a common bond and a foundation to build upon. -Dan Page

5. Offer incentives for referrals. I offer my current customers a finder’s fee but so far, only one of my clients has asked to be paid. I also offer a finders fee to friends and colleagues who make referrals to me. In the past, I’ve offered the same to my followers via my email newsletter. The most successful way has been warm leads from existing clients. Just the fact that my current clients are making referrals helps me “seal the deal.” It speaks volumes when a happy client stands behind your work. -Aliza Sherman

6. Ask for more business. The sale begins after the sale so you must systematically keep in contact with your past clients and repeatedly ask them for new business. It’s so much easier and cost effective than trying to pitch cold every single time. -Barak Dunayer

7. Learn to “speed read” personality types. We learned to speed read the of prospects once we got them on the telephone. From the way the conversation would go we could determine their likes and dislikes, the kind of ad agency they were most comfortable with, their decision process, their points of view and what we would have to do to win their business. They would not know from the conversation that they were telling us all this. For their visit to our ad agency we knew, based on their personality type, how to set up the agency, how they would dress and how we would dress, who they should or should not speak with, what made them most comfortable and where to take them for lunch. This gave us tremendous advantage. And we got loads of new business. -Jay Rosenberg

8. Set a time to talk 1-on-1. When you schedule a consultation over the phone or a cup of coffee in person, you and your prospect are both mentally prepared to decide on doing business together. So, refrain from trying to convert a client who randomly sends an email or calls for your rates. Always look to set up a time to talk and then make an offer. -Christine Pembleton

9. Size up the competition. As a public relations practitioner in a competitive industry, here’s one of the top things I’ve ever done (that was also time consuming)… I presented a ten page report to a potential client on everything their competitor from another market was doing from statistics, media, decor, and customer service ratings. I concluded that their competitor knew the value of a PR budget, and that with my company as a part of their brand they too could  receive as much if not more recognition. Needless to say, I landed the client. -Teia Harris

10. Showcase your creativity. To win an account, I sent a balloon and a package. The balloon tag said “are you tired of marketing companies who are full of hot air? Open the package for solid proof on what we’ve done for our latest clients.” The real key is persistence: if you want it bad enough, you will be victorious! -Sean Star

11. Be personal. Get to know people on a more personal level. Make them laugh. Humor is good for everyone. Don’t hide who you really are. -Richard Harmer

12. Keep your existing clients happy. Keeping your current clients happy and in the know is an effective way to guarantee that they will name drop for you. This word of mouth situation creates a positive image of our company before the new clients have even stepped into the door for a free consultation. -Jonathan Rosenfeld

Use the techniques above to land new clients for your small business. If you have other strategies to share, feel free to add your success secrets below…

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