Beyoncé: The Glamorous Brand Next Door


Beyoncé.  The name, in and of itself, conjures images of glitz and glamour.   If you think that this is an accident, you would be sorely mistaken.  From the time that Beyoncé and her gal pals graced stages under the name “Girls Tyme”, we should have known that she was destined (bad pun intended) for greater things.  Many bubblegum groups had their “bubbles” busted, as lead singers faded quietly into the background.  But Destiny’s Child, was a force to be reckoned with as Beyoncé Knowles became one of the biggest stars in the world.

Undoubtedly, she’s had more than a little help climbing the ladder to success.  An airtight management team and a vocal trademark are partly responsible for the machine that is Beyoncé Knowles.  Nonetheless, for several reasons outside of her distinctive singing abilities, she is the “friend in your head.”  She has a knack for being the girl next door, even while dressed from head to toe in couture. And, while other female pop artists relied heavily on sex appeal to propel their image into the spotlight; Beyoncé found a way to blend sex appeal with a demure image.  This intoxicating mix was a surefire moneymaker for the star.

What really makes us want to be a part of the Beyoncé machine?  Perhaps it is the belief that we all have an inner Sasha Fierce—that fabulous quality that separates us from the masses.  It is more than likely for this reason, that we will buy any product endorsed by her flawless face.

Beyoncé Knowles makes us believe that Pepsi will really quench our thirst.  She encourages women of color to go out and buy L’Oreal beauty products.  Women all over the country hope to create their own “Heat” with Beyoncé’s signature perfume; and in nightclubs, they are shaking their hips in House of Dereón jeans.  And let’s not forget that single women all over the planet have demanded that their men “put a ring on it.”  How’s that for crossover?

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