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A critical part of the personal branding process is the creation of a signature style. We all have the opportunity to create a signature style that is unique, authentic, and representative of who we are as individuals. BrandMakerNews connected with Natalie Jobity, image consultant and owner of Elan Image Management, to learn what it takes to create a signature look that stands out and gets remembered.

What’s the secret to creating a signature style?
The secret lies in your ability to be clear about the message you want to convey, and to meld that with your personality and sense of style.
You have to understand the impact of first impressions and how indelible they are.

Think of your professional image as a walking business card that communicates who you are as a professional.

For optimal impact, you want to be sure you make very focused and conscious choices about the messages your image “business card” is transmitting, noting especially if it is aligned with your professional aspirations.

What specific advice do you have for professionals who are working on their signature style?
Their professional presence needs to be commanding, polished, pulled together and credible because people make at least 12 assumptions about us based entirely on their initial perceptions of our image.

Understand the basic wardrobe do’s for business attire. For example, a man’s suit should fit impeccably, and his shirt cuff should show through his jacket. It’s important to know that the little details like scuffed shoes, poor grooming, bad manners and poor communication can all be deal breakers.

Look at their TOTAL image package: Image is so much more than the clothes you wear. It is your total package including your clothing, but equally as important, how you accessorize, the way you communicate, how groomed you are, your poise and posture, non verbal cues, your ability to maintain eye contact, and so much more.

Have ‘Presence’ -that ability to project a sense of ease, poise, command or self-assurance. It is an energy and an attitude. It can be magnetic. It draws people to you. When it is purposeful, it can be one of your most effective tools in professional interactions.

What are the general guidelines and important factors to consider when creating a unique look?
Know your personal style and personal brand. Your look must be in synch with these.
Use accessories to express your unique flair/panache. For some men it might be a tie clip, unusual ties, a killer watch. For women it could be the creative use of color and pattern in suits and blouses. Using belts, scarves, shoes, bags all as part of their signature look.

Know the silhouette, cuts and designers that flatter and enhance your body

Invest in quality pieces. Your clothing can be one of your more important career “investments”. Look for timeless well made designs and mix these up with more stylish accents depending on your personal style.
Know your power colors and use them!

Special thanks to Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management

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