The Impact of Stress on Entrepreneurs


Just looking at pictures of US presidents before and after their time in office gives you a visual of what stress can do to the body. Stress can damage the cardiovascular system, weaken the immune system, cause us to gain weight, effect the digestive system (ulcers) and put pressure on our sugar control. Individuals who work and flourish in higher stress levels may want to be proactive about their health. I believe we are meant to dream and attain business goals but we must do so with all of our resources.

As a Naturopathic Doctor and an entrepreneur, I know the pressures of always being available and being the person responsible for employees and all the financial issues. Being an entrepreneur means putting a lot of energy into your interactions during the day- because that energy generates revenue. And, if you are sick or just feeling unwell and not able to perform at the level required then eventually health and finances suffer.

You would never lead a presentation without some preparation or thought beforehand and likewise you should be prepared for battling stress.

Under stressful conditions the body requires more vitamin C, B vitamins and magnesium. When you make a huge amount of adrenaline on a day to day basis, it is like braking and accelerating a car at the same time. Very hard on the body. High dose of those specific nutrients protects the body from the harmful effects of stress.

There are also a set of herbs called adaptogens whose sole goal is to optimize the stress system. They allow you to use your energy without wearing you out. Herbs like Siberian Ginseng, Black current, and Ashwaganda to name a few. If on any medication, your doctor should be consulted. These herbs allow you to work at peak performance without negatively impacting health.

I believe that entrepreneurs are uniquely suited for preventative medicine. They can’t afford to get sick in the first place because everyone is relying on them.

By guest contributor, Carissa Doherty ND, co-founder of The Natural Care Clinic.

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