John Legend: A Cause To Fight For


In honor of our “Good Friday” spotlight on philanthropic entrepreneurs, we are proud to feature, John Legend. The six time grammy award-winning artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist uses his influence and celebrity brand name to fight for education reform in the United States and abroad. To actively promote his cause, John Legend created the Show Me Campaign, a nonprofit organization that fights poverty by advocating for quality education for all.

John Legend is not one of those celebrities who just writes a check and adds his name to the charity event. He makes regular media and public appearances to bring awareness to the education gap that restricts millions of people to lives of poverty. His passion for this cause has taken him from urban cities within the U.S. to poverty stricken communities in Africa. Not only is he using his gifts, influence and resources to help make a difference, but he also encourages others to find a way to get involved. John Legend is on a mission to help remedy the inequality of the education system, an injustice he considers the civil rights issue of our time.

Here’s John Legend’s own words about the cause he fights for every day:

“The issue I think about the most right now is the education reform. And, we need to make sure every kid around the world and including here in America gets a quality education. Because if we don’t have that, then there’s no escape from poverty. There’s ways to do that in your home town, whether that’s tutoring somebody, mentoring somebody, lobbying politicians to make sure they enact real reform in education. And to me the only real way we’re gonna escape the cycle of poverty is to make sure everyone has a quality education. And then there’s like 75 million people in Africa that don’t even get elementary education. 75 million kids right now. So we need to do what we can to help around the world.”

Entrepreneurs like John Legend are making a difference in the world every single day. What social issue matters most to you? Have you found that one cause worth fighting for? If so, live it, breathe, and do your part to make it right.

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