7 Must-See Videos For Entrepreneurs


We’ve compiled seven videos that entrepreneurs must see to stay focused, stay hungry, and stay motivated during difficult times. Life as an entrepreneur definitely has its challenges, but the rewards make the entire journey worthwhile.

When you start to second guess your decision to start your own business, think of what it means to be an entrepreneur, what you want to contribute to the world, and what your success will mean for those around you. Let the videos below inspire you to keep pushing toward your goal.

7 Must-See Videos For Entrepreneurs:

The Meaning of Entrepreneur- Pulitzer Prize winning author Clifton Taulbert breaks down the true meaning of the word “entrepreneur” and talks about the businessman who first inspired him to take money to the bank.

It’s Time to Start Your Business- In case you need a reminder- NOW is always a good time to start your business.

Conversation with Billionaires- When Bill Gates and Warren Buffet share their secrets to success, every ambitious entrepreneur should sit down and listen.

Job, Career or Calling?- Sometimes you just have to make a choice. Are you looking for a job, a career opportunity, or a chance to fulfill your calling? You decide…

The Art of Entrepreneurship- Russell Simmons breaks down what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Make sure you give yourself the tools you need to have the success you want.

How to Sell Yourself- If you can’t sell yourself and your own ideas, you’ll never be able to sell your products. Absorb these powerful tips to master the art of selling yourself.

Teach Kids To Be Entrepreneurs- Learn how to cultivate the entrepreneurship gene inside of your children. Recognize what it takes to be an entrepreneur, to pass on a legacy of success to your kids, and to nurture the business ambition of future generations.

Embrace the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Learn the important lessons along the way. And, let the videos above, inspire you to keep pushing!

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