Airplane Etiquette for Business Travelers


Airport delays, increased security measures and rising fees cause many airline passengers to lose their cool. But, if traveling is an essential part of your business, you have to find ways to make your own flight experience more enjoyable, or you’ll drive yourself (and those around you) insane.

Here are a few Airplane Etiquette tips, to help make your next trip a bit more bearable:


- Bring headphones to block out noise and other irritations.
- Carry an eye mask. Pretending to nap can sometimes silence a chatty seatmate.
- Consider paying for extra legroom or the chance to board early.
- Ask a flight attendant to change your seat if possible.


- Recline your seat before asking the passenger behind you if it’s OK.
- Rush to the airport. It will only set you on edge before the trip even starts.
- Sweat the small stuff. The flight will be over soon enough.

Safe travels!

Source: USA Today

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