Two Words that Will Make You Unforgettable


A sincere expression of gratitude is a guaranteed way to make yourself more memorable. I’m not talking about the 120-character “thank you” you send when someone retweets your message. I’m talking about a genuine thank you that requires real thought and action on your part.

Take time to master the art of saying… THANK YOU!

I’m one of those people that keeps every thank-you card I get. I just feel bad about throwing them out, especially when I know that someone went out of their way to pick the perfect card, craft their message and mail it to me. So, obviously the people whose cards I look at every day are the ones that stay on top of mind. That simple gesture of saying “thank you” has made them unforgettable.

Etiquette Tip: Don’t be too cool to show how thankful you are. When someone does something significant to help you-go out of your way to show how much you appreciate them. Go beyond the generic thank you email, and do something special to express how much you value them. Send a greeting card, a bottle of wine, flowers, chocolate, basketball tickets, gift cards to their favorite store, an engraved plaque, or some other significant token of your appreciation.

And, you don’t always have to provide material things to express your thanks. When someone does something special, volunteer to return the favor- or invite them to call on you when they need a helping hand. Just remember to say the words “Thank You” whenever a person deserves to hear it. Never assume that they know how you feel.

Saying “thank you” will make you unforgettable, and will earn you more favors along the way.

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