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Entrepreneurs have to be willing to learn new skills and techniques to keep their businesses running strong. And while it’s not feasible for everyone to take college courses, or make it down to the learning annex, there are many educational resources available online to give business owners the skills and know-how to grow their companies. Busy entrepreneurs with very little time or money to spare are finding themselves in the front row of some of the top learning institutions in the world. With online resources like,, and others, it’s never been easier to get the tools you need to stay on top of your game.

Here are the 11 powerful online learning resources for entrepreneurs:

  1. iTunes U: Apple puts lectures, audio books, and language tutors right at your fingertips to make learning easy. Join a community and learn key business skills in the car, at home, or on the train.
  2. Lynda teaches the basics to the advanced capabilities of operating systems and their software. Visit their online video learning centers and discover new talents like digital photography and HTML.
  3. Learn graduate school basics like how to write a novel and advanced grammar. Get even more specific with lessons like how to write for comedy television or how to host a blog. For a moderate fee, of course.
  4. Wikiversity: Wikipedia’s brand of research based learning tools get their information from professors and educators around the world. For the entrepreneur looking to become globally well rounded, Wikiversity the place for you.
  5. YouTube Edu: Youtube hosts channels for universities across the nation to Broadcast Themselves. Watch debates, guest lecturers, and university class sessions to get the schooling you need minus the tuition bills.
  6. Howcast: The biggest how-to guide online. Find directional videos for everyday problems like healing dry skin, to recipes for a healthy carb conscious dinner. From the completely useless to the ultimately vital, howcast is your can do video library.
  7. University of Phoenix: Other pages offer single serving educational pieces that give you specific skills. UP allows you to earn real credentials on your schedule. Talk to professors who take an interest and study with classmates online to get the most out of this valuable online resource.
  8. A world of experts is the slogan for a website that puts you screen to screen with specialists in every field. Take weekly classes with a leading marketing guru and learn lessons the books can’t teach you.
  9. McGraw-Hill Online Learning: The company that publishes the books is now teaching the classes, online. Take undergraduate courses from the publisher that gets the information first hand. With courses in every discipline, you can be an unmatriculated student in the comfort of your own home.
  10. Top-Rated University’s Web Sites: Not satisfied with strictly online colleges? Would you prefer to take courses from top level universities without incurring large bills? Visit the websites of MIT, UC Berkley, and Carnegie Mellon for links to their free online courses taught by real professors.
  11. Looking for tools, trade secrets and advice on how to build and promote your brand? BrandMakerNews is a complete site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get the skills they need to succeed.

While free is always better, some of these sites ask a small fee for information that is usually only sold with a side of the lecture hall blues. These pages hold enough information to put you miles ahead of your competition without ever setting foot on a college campus.

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