How to Make Enormous Ideas Achievable


You ever have an idea that is so incredibly ground-breaking that you can’t wait to start working on it right away? That is…of course…until you realize just how enormous and overwhelming the idea really is. Too many would-be businesses, inventions, products and services never become available, because the originators are not able to make their ideas manageable and achievable. Far too often, our big ideas leave us overwhelmed and stuck at the starting point. Instead of allowing yourself to be stifled by lofty goals…commit to pushing yourself forward-one step per day.

The key to managing big ideas is to break them up into smaller, less intimidating goals that you can achieve on a daily basis. For example, if your ultimate goal is to create a new website, then think about all the steps necessary to launch your site. Perhaps that involves finding a web designer, hiring a programmer, writing the copy, selecting the colors and deciding on a theme. Whatever the steps are, focus on accomplishing one goal, each day. Obviously, you should do more, if you have the time and energy, but make sure that you at least set one goal that you’ll accomplish before each day is done. Breaking up your ultimate goal into a series of smaller tasks also gives you the chance to celebrate your accomplishments along the way.

It’s rewarding to know that you’re making progress every day, and moving yourself closer to your ultimate goal. Working with no reward is cruel and unnecessary. Don’t wait for the grand finale to celebrate all the hard work you put into your projects. As entrepreneurs, we need our accomplishments to keep us motivated and inspired. Set daily goals and pat yourself on the back for achieving them.

Don’t let your big ideas keep you from getting started. Make a promise to yourself to take one step forward each day. Your progress will be undeniable, and your journey to the finish line will be much more enjoyable.

What have you done today to move one step closer?

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