Why Talent Means Nothing


Everyone fantasizes about achieving success, but some of us are relentless about making sure that we get our chance to shine. Regardless of whether our goal is to be a successful musician, a model, a chef, a fashion designer, a professional athlete, a corporate executive or an entrepreneur. We have to fight to make our dreams a reality.

There are people all over the world competing for the same opportunities we seek. What are you going to do to claim your spotlight? How hard are you willing to work to show that you are on top of your game and ready for the success you’ve been dreaming about?

Everyone has talent, skills, and the desire to succeed. It is your swagger (unique style), your determination and your willingness to work smarter and harder than everyone else that will help you reach your goal.

Too often we compare ourselves to the wrong group of people. We think that just because we are the best singer, ball player, or model in our neighborhood we deserve to get put on. You have to constantly remind yourself that there are millions of talented people, throughout the world, who are on a mission to claim that same golden opportunity you’ve been dreaming about. Talent alone will not cut it. In order to achieve success today, we have to emerge as the all around MVP in a room full of all-stars.

You can’t sit back and expect success just because a few people are singing your praises. Make sure you have the preparation, the packaging, and the promotional tools in place to be recognized as the best.

The stakes are higher, the competition is tougher, and the road to success is more crowded than ever. Raise the bar that you set for yourself- so that nothing and no one can stop you from getting to the top.

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