Resist the Urge to Bury Your Dream


Every day there is a new crisis, another reason to panic, and an excuse to give up on your dreams. Don’t fall into that trap! Turn off the news to escape the negativity, and remind yourself that opportunities are still around you. Stay especially motivated in difficult times. When others are panicked, your level-headed and optimism will help you stand out and seize the open doors that others stopped looking for.

Here are 7 ways to stay motivated when times are tough.

1. Immerse yourself in positivity. Let positive people, places and things inspire and motivate you to maintain an optimistic outlook on life. Keep naysayers and pessimists out of your circle. You need to be free to dream big without constant criticism.

2. Visualize your goals daily. Make a list of your goals, and look at the list every day to keep you committed to achieving your goals. Collect images/pictures that represent your ultimate success and look at them every day to inspire and remind you of what you are working towards.

3. Find mentors. Seek out people who are more accomplished than you and call/meet with them regularly to give you advice on how you can avoid pitfalls and achieve success. Find opportunities to volunteer or intern, a few hours a week, to get hands on experience and real life lessons from your mentors.

4. Look for the lesson in every obstacle. Every time you fall down, take some quiet time to understand what lesson you were supposed to get from that experience, so that you don’t find yourself back in that same situation again. Think of every obstacle as an opportunity to acquire new skills and life lessons to make you stronger down the road.

5. Grow yourself. You have to constantly improve yourself in order to stay ahead of the competition. Always strive to read more, practice longer, study harder, network better, look greater, etc… There is always someone else trying to achieve the same goal, so keep fighting for your prize.

6. Believe you can. Remember that you have everything you need, within yourself, to change your situation. Tap into every talent that you have and make sure you are using all of your gifts towards a common goal. You’ll be surprised how one of your hidden talents could open doors for you. If you believe you will succeed, then you will find success.

7. Take failure off the table. Don’t waste valuable time and energy by focusing on the possibility of failure. When you push forward with success as the only options, your adrenaline will spark creative ways to accomplish your goals.

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