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The majority of us are visual people, we like to see things and feel a connection before we accept what’s offered to us. Keep that in mind as you build your brand. People need to see you in person, in pictures, looking good, hanging with important people, and doing cool things. Your visibility gives you credibility. Talk will only get you so far: at some point people need to see you in action to take you seriously. Make sure your brand is visible!
By making your brand visible, you give people a more complete picture, and make them feel comfortable accepting that you actually are who you say you are. Once that familiarity is established, your audience will be open to receive what you have to offer.

4 ways to increase your visibility and reinforce your brand’s credibility:

1. Use one consistent profile picture on all your social networking accounts. When you change the profile picture on one account, change the photo on the other sites, too! Also, make sure that any additional images you post online reinforce your profile picture and carry a similar look. Using the same image allows your audience to get familiar with your look and makes it easy for them to distinguish your brand image from others. If nothing else, you should already have your profile picture posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Get from behind the computer and invest in face-time! Grab your calendar and block out time each week to go out for lunch, drinks, dinner, networking functions, industry parties, trade shows, conferences, etc. As you build your brand, it is important to connect with others. People want to feel like they really know you. Face-time makes you real! It also gives you a chance to charm people, build new relationships and expand your network.

3. Don’t shy away from cameras! Think of pictures and videos as tools that will enhance your brand, by getting positive images in front of your audience. Before you leave your house, assume that photos will be taken and be prepared to strike a pose when the opportunity arises. Also, remember to take your own camera along, so you can have your own photos to post online.

4. Proactively seek out opportunities to be featured, photographed or interviewed for media outlets. A media interview is a great way to quickly put your image in front of a wide range of people. You do not have to be a celebrity to get your picture in the news. Start off small by creating a buzz in your local community, and then you can work your way up to the big leagues. Research local journalists, and find out who covers stories related to your industry, talent, or interests. Pitch news stories around your area of expertise and position yourself as an expert who is available to share insights with their audience. It’s good to sharpen your interview skills with the local news outlets, so that you’ll be prepared to handle larger media opportunities like a pro!

Branding is about creating a series of images in the minds of your audience to get them to think positively about your brand. It’s up to you to make sure that each visual encounter reinforces the messages and unique qualities that define your brand. Good luck.

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