How To Make A Great First Impression


When someone new walks into a room, it’s human nature to start checking them out and making assumptions about whether they’re someone you need to know. Within minutes you can categorize that person based on how smart, attractive, successful, and confident you perceive that person to be. And, once you’re mind is made up, it’s hard to change the thoughts you’ve associated with that person’s brand.

Too bad this works both ways. While you’re busy sizing up someone else, ten other people are making judgement calls about you. It’s important to learn how to make a great first impression. Since you only have one chance to make a first impression, you have to figure out how to present your best self, every time you step out.

Here are 8 ways to make a great first impression:

1. Represent your business with your body. Dress in a way that gives personality to your business. For example, someone running an insurance firm should wear business clothes in colors that evoke trust. -Andi Enns

2. Be approachable. Smile and make contact. People will approach and interact with those who are approachable and friendly. It is a face that people do business with those they like, respect and trust. This is your first impression. -KC Christensen-Lang, Coaching for Top

3. Start with a compliment. It is always the most powerful way to engage someone. When you compliment someone their usual response is to smile and thank you and most likely they will ask you something about yourself and if at the very least you were able to personally engage the person in a group setting or even one on one at a cocktail event. -Rachel Doyle, Glamour Gals

4. Commit to becoming a master at listening. Only when you listen to people, do you find out what their needs are, goals, etc. and then you can figure out if you have a solution for them or if they can refer you to someone who fits your ideal client. -Liana Ling, Close My Sales

5. Have a great 30-second networking pitch, as well as compelling phone sales presentation and voicemail presentation that gets people to ACTUALLY call you back. Practice all of your presentations and possibly tape or videotape them until you are comfortable with the delivery. -Tiffany Bradshaw, Bradshaw and Co.

6. Look people in the eyes; give them your full attention as if they are the most interesting people in the world - if your eyes are darting about, looking for the next prospect, you’ll lose them; if you’re texting, checking your email, or responding to a call in the middle of the conversation, you’ll lose them. -Thalia Stamatelos, NY Moms World

7. Think of something you can give to someone, rather than something you can get. I sometimes offer to do a free analysis of their homepage. -Mark Grimm, Mark Grimm Communications

8. Be a resource. Listen to their problems and what causes them stress. Then you can be the one to offer a solution, fill their need. They will be forever grateful and know they will remember you as a knowledgeable, positive resource. -KC Christensen-Lang, Coaching for Top

Use the tips above to make great first impressions all the time. By creating positive memories in the minds of those you meet, you can position yourself for even greater business opportunities down the road.

Any other tips? What’s your strategy for making a great first impression? Share your thoughts below…

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  1. Posted June 2, 2011 at 6:07 AM | Permalink

    The very first time when you meet up a person think of the things you notice first in him/her. These are the things that determine your first impression on the other person.
    The first impression that you make on a person is very important as it is the basis on which the other person judges on what kind of a person you are. The way you’ve left your first impression becomes even more important if you are on a date or meeting a guy/girl for the first time.

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