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We all like to meet-up, give our best sell in 15 minutes, socialize, and just simply chat it up. Some would call that “networking” or “building relationships”. All that lip service is worthless if you don’t use it to your benefit. Many future success stories are just one relationship away from reaching their goal.

In the current employment climate, networking the right way, with the right captive audience, can be the golden ticket to your next brand breaking voyage.

Being able to deliver your message effectively and have the knack to join any conversation will leave a memorable impression and eventually open doors.

Here are some relationship tools to remember:

Make sure you know the “theme” of the networking event.
Do your research pre-event on the host, company(s) participating and guests invited. That way, you have an idea of who is in the room.

Don’t be afraid to drum up a cold conversation with someone you don’t know.
Confidence along with some humor goes a long way or keep it old school, know your headlined current events.

You never know whom you are standing next to:
When you are introduced or you introduce yourself to a potential colleague, make sure you try to get as much information as possible. This way you can make a snapshot assessment on whether your counterpart will be beneficial to your needs, or if you should move on.

Whether employed or not, make sure to have a device to quickly exchange information
hard copy of business cards or an email mobile contact card (most smart phones). Either way, be prepared and be ready to distribute contact information at the ready.

No matter who you have an exchange with, make sure you connect with them (via email, text, etc.) post introduction.
If that individual is personally unable to help, they may choose to connect you with a colleague from his or her circle that can.

Even if you don’t attend a networking affair, rub elbows with your immediate peers.
Although some colleagues may be on or below your experience level, leverage that and do not underestimate their power!

You are Never too old to recruit a mentor.
Life long relationships are usually with people that have worked with you, know your style or taught you something. Either way, they’re a perfect person to provide honest critique, advisement and more importantly pass you along to their peer circle with no hesitation.

Lastly, social media has made it accessible to initiate your own personal networking event.
Research the individuals you would like to connect with and search them out virtually on the social media scene: facebook, linkedin and other connecting sites are all good vehicles.

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