Is Your Look Stopping Your Success?


We all want people to accept us as we are, and judge us on our inward qualities rather than our appearance, but unfortunately that’s not the way the world works. Our appearance is the outward expression of our personal brand. It plays a critical role in determining whether we get the opportunities we want.

Don’t let your appearance keep you from getting the job you deserve. When you show up for interviews, hiring managers can tell within the first ten seconds whether they should seriously consider you for the position. They judge you on how well you package and present yourself, so make that first impression count.

Dress appropriately, be well groomed, exude confident, and show that you are ready to step right into the role you want. Your appearance shows potential employers how well you would represent their company, and determines whether or not your words and qualifications are even worth listening to.

When looking for a job, in today’s competitive landscape, observe the company’s dress code, and show that you can fit naturally into their work environment.

The job market is tough, and employers don’t have to compromise when it comes to recruiting the talent they want. Don’t create barriers for yourself, by letting your image hinder your progress.

Here are a few tips to help you master your look:

Research the Dress-Code: Stick to It.
Study the corporate culture. Look online for images of other people who are successful in the company. Play it safe, If you have to ask yourself whether your outfit is appropriate, then immediately choose another one! Avoid clothes that are too tight or too lose. Think twice about colorful clothes or loud patterns, as they can become unnecessary distractions during the interview.

Accessorize Cautiously.
Accessories can add the finishing touches to your outfit, and show off your unique sense of style, but be careful not to go overboard! Don’t show up looking like you just robbed a jewelry store- less is more! When selecting jewelry, watches, belts and shoes, remember that your accessories should be understated pieces that pull your look together. Accessories should not become the focal point. If they are too loud and attention grabbing they can steal the attention away from your qualifications.

Polished Grooming is a Must.
When preparing for an interview go for a clean and polished look. Resort to conservative hairstyles, clothing, nails and makeup until you get the job. Once you’re hired you can gradually express your unique style within the boundaries of the unspoken company culture. The interview is not the time to experiment with bold looks (unless that is the obvious culture of the company/industry).

Project Confidence from the Inside Out.
When you feel confident and well prepared on the inside that’s what will show on the outside. Consequently, if you feel tired, frazzled, and doubtful about your qualifications, then that is the image you will project. Take time to get mentally prepared before the interview, so you can put your game face on and show that you’ve got the goods.

Look the part, to get the opportunities you want!

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