Email Is Not Dead

Are you still using email?

Yes! It’s okay to admit it. Even in this Facebook, Twitter, and text message phase in our lives, entrepreneurs still do use email, especially when corresponding for business purposes.

However, I have noticed a growing problem within the entrepreneurial community. It appears that email etiquette is quickly becoming a lost art. Perhaps as we strengthen our ability to cram every message into 140-characters, we are losing the ability to craft a professional and grammatically correct email message. Don’t worry, if you find yourself starting your emails with “Hi @TiaJackson” I’m not going to embarrass you. I just want to encourage you to keep reading.

Yesterday, I came across the following email etiquette tips that I couldn’t wait to share with you. Embrace the tips below, and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your email messages are strong and effective from now on.

5 Email Etiquette Tips for Entrepreneurs:

1. Keep it short. We’re all busy. Most of us are skimming our emails, looking for the key points, and trying to get in and out of them quickly.

2. Make the subject line a summary. We have come-on subjects like headlines, trying to trick us into reading further. Don’t sound like a spammer. Describe your message in your subject line.

3. Start and end with “you.” Address your reader’s self interest. Start your first paragraph with the word “You” and include something like “you asked me…” or “you wanted… ” or “you mentioned” or “you need.” Start your last paragraph with “you” again and stress what your reader will get out of doing whatever it is that you’re asking.

4. Only one topic per message. Break your emails into a single message for each topic. Those additional messages you’d like to include are much more likely to get lost. Break the messages up.

5. Use appropriate tone. Tones are very easily misunderstood. Don’t ever write an email that could be misinterpreted and forwarded on to somebody out of context. Never write an email that would be embarrassing if quoted.

To see five more email etiquette tips, check out Tim Berry’s post on Small Biz Trends.

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