If you are an expert in branding, or a related field, and would like to share your insights,
trade secrets and advice with a dynamic audience of young professionals, career seekers
and entrepreneurs, consider becoming a Brand Contributor for BrandMakerNews.
BrandMakerNew looks forward to hearing from experienced writers who are passionate
about branding, career coaching, new media, networking, public relations,
and other brand-building tools, that will help our audience achieve success
in their professional lives.


Brand Contributor Guidelines

- Submissions must be original articles written exclusively for BrandMakerNews.
- Submissions should offer insight, advice and lessons for brand building
- Topic of interest include, but are not limited to, branding, social media, networking, etiquette, marketing,

public relations, personal style, career development, writing and speaking skills, design, and branding success stories.
- Articles must be non-promotional.
- Brand contributors are unpaid, however a short promotional bio and a link

to their related blog/website will accompany each published article.


How do I apply?

1. You must be a registered member of BrandMakerNews.
2. Email contribute (at) brandmakernews.com with links to your blog and relevant writing samples.  If we feel you are a good fit, we will contact you to discuss upcoming brand contributor opportunities.  

We look forward to hearing from you!