Top 20 iPad/iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs


Grab your iPads and iPhones and check out the top 20 apps for entrepreneurs. Although there are tons of great apps out there, these are the ones we recommend for small business owners on the go.

Here are the top 20 iPad / iPhone apps for entrepreneurs:

1. HBR Tips- Keep your business skills sharp with tips from the Harvard Business Review. This app is jam-packed with ideas to help you make savvy business decisions every day.

2. iTalk Recorder- No more scrambling to take notes. With the iTalk Recorder, you can easily record whatever you’re listening to. Just playback the audio and catch the details later.

3. Dragon Dictation- Stop texting while driving. With Dragon Dictation you can send text messages and emails by speaking into your phone. It recognizes your voice, and does the typing for you.

4. FileViewer- It’s 2011…you don’t have to head to the office to grab documents off your computer. The FileViewer app lets you access, organize, and send files straight from your iphone.

5. ScanBizCards- Throw out your Rolodex. The ScanBizCards app scans business cards, and sends the contact information to your address book. Store business cards on your phone to keep you’re your contacts within reach.

6. FreeConferenceCall- Bring your power players together with the FreeConferenceCall app. Just dial into your assigned number, send out access codes to your participants, hit the record button, and chat away.

7. VehiCal- Get paid for the miles you put on your car. The VehiCal app, lets you track mileage and expenses like tolls, parking costs, repairs, gas prices and more to help you get the reimbursements you deserve.

8. eWifi- Find fast and secure wireless Internet connections wherever you are. The eWifi app scans the area, shows you the available networks, and connects to the strongest signal to get you up and running fast.

9. Siri Assistant- Need a personal assistant? The Siri Assistant app helps you make dinner reservations, find movie times, book taxis, and more. Just say what you need and watch Siri work.

10. AroundMe- Cruise through any neighborhood like it’s your hometown. The AroundMe app locates your position and highlights the nearest stores, gas stations, coffee shops, banks, restaurants and hotels in your immediate area. Just find what you need, and AroundMe will map out the route to guide you there.

11. Stop talking about getting your finances in order, and make it happen with this money management app. It reminds you when your bills are due, alerts you when your money’s funny, and offers tips on how to keep more dough in your bank accounts.

12. Facebook- Since we are all officially addicted to Facebook, this app offers an even easier way to stay connected to family, friends, and middle school stalkers.

13. Amazon- The largest store in the world is in your fingertips. When you need to buy books, office supplies, and other cool stuff, just log on to the Amazon app, find what you need and place your order.

14. oDesk- Revolutionize your approach to HR. Use the oDesk app to hire and manage talented freelancers to help you keep your business running strong. Hire the staff you need, monitor workflow, and submit payments directly from your iPad or iPhone.

15. Things- Need an easy way to make To Do Lists you can actually stick to? Organize your life, prioritize your tasks and knock them off your list one by one, using the Things productivity app.

16. Dropular- Get the creative boost you need to bring innovation to your business. Draw inspiration from the various artists featured on the Dropular app. 

17. CNN- Stay on top of what’s happening in the world at all times. Read stories, watch videos, and be informed every step of the way.

18. Voice Memo- Leave yourself helpful reminders like where you parked the car, what to pick up from the store, or where to meet your client. Or use it to record conversations, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes.

19. Stay competitive by enhancing your skills through the Lynda app. It’s video tutorials feature everything from how to create a powerpoint presentation to how to code a website. 

20. Craigsphone- Imagine Craigslist… with more bells and whistles. This app lets you search the list, bookmark your favorite post, and upload your own photos and ads from your iPhone.

The apps above are a few of our favorites. But, we want to hear from you. Tell us which iPad and iPhone apps work best for you and your business…

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  1. Posted August 30, 2010 at 2:39 PM | Permalink

    I love the APP To Do better than Things. Easier to navigate and get up and running. It also syncs well to iCal as well as to your iPhone. Everything in the palm of your hand.

    Great list! Like you said their are more and more APPs coming out all of the time.
    Thanks for the post.

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