The Happy Client Gift Guide: Tech


It’s that time of year again. Time to get your favorite (and least favorite) client a holiday day gift. A spot on client gift can generate goodwill and more business for the new year. The BrandMakerNews Team searched far and wide to find the 5 hottest and most cost-effective tech gifts on the planet.

Here’s our list of tech gifts to keep your clients happy…

1. FlipCam
$150-250 Cost effective and infinitely cool, this bad boy is HD, 4GB of storage and has up to an hour of full HD filming. Perfect for filming the drunk guy at the Christmas party (there’s always one).

2. Apple iPad
$499 If you visit the site often, you know we love us some iPads! Bias aside, everyone wants this for Christmas. Do your client a favor and save them a trip to the Apple Store. If you want to go the extra mile, custom engrave your client’s name on it, trust us, they’ll love it.

3. Kindle
$140 Ok, you’re client was a pain in the neck this year, you should still probably give them a gift. Nothing says I like you, but I don’t iLike you, like a Kindle. Way cheaper than a iPad, this eReader is still a pretty cool gift for the avid reader.

4.Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect
$375 This will be the most sought after gift this holiday season, buy this, and you’ll make your client a hero with their kids. Do the math, making your client the hero makes you the sidekick, and sidekicks have a good benefits package!

5. Apple iPod nano
$140-$170 Arguably, a stocking stuffer, but this tells your client- “Hey, I was thinking about you. If you increase my budget, your gift will be way bigger next year!” This nano makes a great gift for a “newly acquired” client.

Now sure, there are plenty of gifts we didn’t mention (3D TVs, hello) but we felt these provided the best bang for your buck. What did we miss? Let us know because we definitely have some shopping to do!

Be great!

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