9 Must Have iPad Apps for Small Business


Ok, we admit it, we’re early adopters. We purchased the iPad even before we knew how it would benefit our business. Nerd obsessions aside, we’ve had it at the office for a few months now and not only is it fun to use, but it’s also a major help to our day-to-day business.

We’ve compiled a list of 9 must-have iPad Apps that we believe will help your small business too:

We love iBooks’ visual appeal, but frankly, it still doesn’t have the book selection that the Kindle and Nook apps offer. So, we suggest that you use all three apps together so you can download every book you need to stay ahead of your competition. Our favorite book of the week: Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky.

Black Enterprise/ Entrepreneur Magazine/ Fortune Magazine
Every small business owner has to take a little time and get out of their bubble to see what other businesses are doing. These insightful magazines offer iPad apps filled with essential tips and tools to help your business grow. Of all the business magazine apps available, we thought these offered the best functionality and access to information.

Hands down the best presentation app on our desktops is just as great on the iPad. Tweak your presentations on the go, or create a new one from scratch while waiting for a latte at Starbucks. Keynote hooks it up in a snap. If you’ve done presentations before, there’s absolutely no learning curve here.

Bloomberg for iPad
Now matter how depressing it may be, you still need to keep your eyes on the stock market. Check out your own stocks or just keep up with the latest happenings in the business world. This beautiful app almost makes the market a little less boring… not! (but get it anyway)

For those of us that absolutely love using Google Docs, this app is for you. You can view all your google doc accounts seamlessly and even view your files offline if your wifi is on the fritz. The GoDocs app brings the BMN News team one step further to totally ditching our laptops.

Things for iPad
Task management done in a simple and beautiful way. We don’t care how many apps come out like it, this one is the best. Set up to-dos, manage due dates and even delegate responsibilities to others, Things does it easily.Their site says “…work as effectively as possible - everyday” – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Small business owners have many titles. Not only are they the CEO, but they’re also the IT guy. This app will help you master it all. Sure, it’s not an iPad app yet, but you need to download this app anyway. It’s really that essential. The training videos on Lynda, while sometimes boring, are painstakingly informative. Learn everything from Microsoft Word to 3D applications through Lynda’s expansive video library.

Keep yourself up to date on the inner workings of social media. This Mashable app delivers the very latest coverage direct from their website. Must read indeed.

So far, Apple is killing it in the productivity category. Every business owner knows about spreadsheets, but Numbers definitely makes crunching numbers more fun. Put in calculations, organize your data, and by the time you finish working with this app you’ll be saying “Excel who?”

These tools only scratch the surface of what the iPad is capable of. What iPad apps do you use for you business? Let the community know!

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    What about Box.net? They do the best job with accessing and collaborating on files from the cloud and on the iPad.

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