Keep Customers Raving About Your Business


Having a good product is not enough to keep your customers happy. As any good entrepreneur knows, it is ultimately your service that determines whether or not your customers will keep coming back to you.

Here are 10 ways to keep your customers impressed and eager to support your business again:

  1. Whenever possible, meet with your clients face to face: Instead of setting up business deals online, offer to meet clients face to face. It shows that you value the individual as well as their business.
  2. Offer refreshments: A full and satiated client is a happy client. If you’re meeting with clients personally, make sure they’re comfortable. Help them catch up on their caffeine fix.
  3. Never say no: Instead of simply saying no, take all requests under advisement. It indicates flexibility. If it is an absolutely impossible request, look for an alternative or compromise that might still fit the expressed need.
  4. Don’t be afraid to fill a strange request: Your willingness to work with a client can go a long way toward repeat business. As long as it isn’t detrimental to your brand, don’t be afraid to comply.
  5. Make yourself available to your clients: Sometimes your secretarial lines of defense can be your worst barrier with your clients. Consider a separate work phone for account managers that make them constantly reachable…within reason.
  6. Listen: It might seem like an easy tip, but the most experienced professionals forget this tip when they’ve been in business for a while. Be sure to listen to what clients have to say and identify their happiness switch.
  7. Exude positive energy: Make sure the people your customers connect with, in your company, are energetic and friendly, including you. One bad interaction can sully an entire relationship.
  8. Remind them that you exist: Send thank you notes and other types of communication between visits. Also, remember to ask if they have any more questions or concerns, because this prompt might elicit an honesty that could save your first impression.
  9. Appreciate your customers: Do offer sign on advantages, such as free gifts. But be sure it is something the average person can use, not just an item with your company’s brand affixed to it.
  10. Know your customer: Simple tidbits like a preference for coffee or tea, or their favorite hobby can be the keys to changing their mind in your favor. All these things can be revealed in small talk before the initial meeting or even during.

Don’t be afraid to engage clients in conversation. Get to know your clients, because not only will it make them repeat customers, it will move them to recommend you to others in their network.

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