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Having a business idea doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. Having a business plan does. Before spending your time, money and energy launching your new business, create a business plan.

Writing a business plan gives you a chance to present your idea, learn about your customers, analyze your competitors, develop your marketing plan, and get a clear idea of how you can make your business profitable.

Your business plan also shows others that you’ve done your homework and fine-tuned your idea from A to Z. Anytime you inquire about a business loan, approach an investor, or apply for a grant, you’ll be asked to show your business plan. So, it’s important to have one ready to go.

Too many entrepreneurs choose not to write a business plan, because it seems like such an overwhelming task. Yes, it requires lots of thought and time. And, it’s definitely not the sexiest part of getting your company up and running. But, there are tools available to help you get it done.

I remember staring at my computer screen wondering how I was ever going to finish my plan. After a few false starts, and long breaks in between I started looking for other resources to help me get it done. I came across two books that took the stress out of the situation, and helped me complete each step of my business plan with ease.

You can easily write your business plan and create the blueprint for your entrepreneurial success using the following books:

The Successful Business Plan, Secrets & Strategies by Rhonda Abrams-

This comprehensive book is filled with sample business plans, forms to help you organize your ideas for each section, tips on how to make your plan more compelling, and critical information and resources that every entrepreneur need.

Streetwise Business Plans by Michele Cagan-

This book simplifies the business plan writing process. It asks you critical questions about your business, and shows you how to insert your responses directly into a plan. It features fill in the blank templates that you can easily customize and use as your own.

Make a commitment to finish your business plan. With the tools above, there’s no excuse for not getting it done. Your business plan is the best investment you can make towards your success as an entrepreneur.

Once your business plan is complete, you can take it to your local SBA or SCORE office, to let an advisor review it (for FREE!). They can also give you pointers on how to perfect your plan, and get it into the right hands. So, start writing your plan.

If you’re an entrepreneur that already completed your business plan, feel free to add your tips below. What helped you transform your business ideas into a solid plan?

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