How To Brainstorm And Spur Innovation

[Inc] Peek inside any one of design firm Ideo’s conference rooms, which speckle the globe from Silicon Valley to Shanghai, and you will see what looks like the Ten Commandments of brainstorming etched onto the walls.

“Defer judgment!” reads one stencil, admonishing the room’s occupants to think twice before shooting down a seemingly wild idea.   

“Be visual!” screams another one, amid ample whiteboard space and oversized sketchpads, which have spawned prototypes for some of the most innovative products of the decade, including the Apple mouse and the Palm V.

Brainstorming is so ingrained in Ideo’s culture that “we actually put these rules on our business cards and give them to everyone,” says Brendan Boyle, a partner at the firm who also teaches creativity and design classes at Stanford University. “It’s almost like we evangelize brainstorming.” Read the rest of the story here…

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