How To Write Your Own Press Release


While social media has opened up new lines of communication with journalists, the traditional press release is still an effective way to get media attention. In fact, a recent study found that 75% of journalists actually like receiving emailed press releases. So create your own press releases to share your news, tell your story, and get people more familiar with your brand.

In case you’re wondering, YES… you can write your own press release. Just take a moment to learn the format, check out a few examples, and figure out the best way to get your press release into the right hands.

Recently I came across an article offering ten tips to help you write a great press release:

1. Learn the format
2. Keep it short and on-point
3. Set a professional yet engaging tone
4. Don’t just think about your clientele- think about your media audience
5. Have a release that can be read and accessed on multiple technologies
6. Be SEO savvy
7. Keep the fluffiness to a minimum and maximize how you economize each word
8. Recognize that timing can be everything
9. Quote yourself
10. Don’t forget to include you and your company’s contact information

Check out sample press releases and learn more about how to write and send your own press releases on PRWeb or PRNewswire’s websites.

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