Alicia Keys: Philanthropic R&B Princess


At a time when girl groups were still bumping and grinding, she was one of the few female artists who attacked the music industry armed with a prominent instrument—setting off a new movement amongst the R&B and neo-soul singers of the new Millennium.  Alicia Keys, the only child in a single-parent household, has a lot in common with a good number of her young fans.  This child prodigy’s heavy music background and studious nature (she was valedictorian) helped to propel her into the spotlight.

But when the sexy star stood in the middle of that spotlight, what did we see?  Gasp—a pimple!  Yes, even the rich and famous are prone to acne.  What better opportunity to market Proactiv—a set of acne-fighting products taking the world by storm.  As a result, Alicia’s apparent beauty “afflictions” actually endeared her to her female fans.

Nonetheless, Alicia has proven that she is more than a pretty face and a set of pipes.  As you might expect, Alicia Keys’ business endeavors have extended past the stage, behind the scenes.  She was also a co-founder of KrucialKeys Enterprises—a songwriting and production company.  But wait; there’s more.  Alicia invited those savvy with words to apply for the head blogger position on her website,—a site designed around women’s issues and current events. Additionally, Keys (with the help of her manager) set up a production company called Big Pita, Lil’ Pita Productions—focusing on television and film.  And speaking of film, the big screen is yet another place where the world is now used to seeing Alicia Keys.

As her popularity points continued to rise, she attached her name to several different types of charities—championing the delivery of AIDS medicine for families in Africa (Keep a Child Alive program) amongst other efforts.  Her name is now practically synonymous with some of the world’s biggest philanthropic efforts.   With Jay-Z’s help she may have been appointed the voice of the “Empire State.”  But her special brand dictates that there are few places you can go without getting an eyeful (or earful) of Alicia Keys.

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