The 99 Brands of Jay-Z


The man formerly known as Shawn Corey Carter has one of those rags to riches stories that people love to read about.   Jay-Z is truly one of the kings of the hip-hop world – and not just because of his colorful wordplay.   If you can recall what it feels like to own all the hot properties on a Monopoly game board, then you will understand what it’s like to walk in Mr. Carter’s shoes.

Jay-Z is part owner of NBA team, the New Jersey Nets.  He created Rocawear clothes.  He used to head up Def Jam Recordings.  As if that wasn’t enough, he opened up The 40/40 Club chain, one of the Tri-State area’s premiere hip-hop spots.   In fact, you may need an extra 30 minutes just to digest all of the multimillion-dollar business ventures this man is involved in.

This Brooklyn native gives new meaning to the word “hustle.”  Some may argue that his street-savvy ways have served him well.  This may be true.  But his low-key persona also has something to do with his ability to move crowds from behind a microphone or from the boardroom.  It also doesn’t hurt that he married one of Hollywood’s most beautiful people in the world, Beyoncé Knowles.

Sure, plenty of people have argued that his romantic attachment to the pop singer has broadened his crossover appeal.  But in a world where hip-hop reigns supreme, it isn’t too difficult to reach fan bases that cross multiple oceans and demographics.  Jay-Z is the type of rapper who can insult and delight you within a single breath.  Perhaps it is this dichotomy that also serves him well in the business world.  There are at least 99 reasons why Mr. Carter is one of the richest hip-hop stars in the country; chances are, you’re listening to, wearing, or drinking one of them.

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