Rihanna: Proof that Fashion Rocks


Not many people knew what they were in for when they first laid eyes on Robyn Rihanna Fenty.  Simply known as Rihanna, the Barbados-born singer crawled onto the music scene as a sweet-looking R&B/pop neophyte.  But soon after her 2005 debut in the U.S., the ride that has been Rihanna’s music career—took off with a shot.

You don’t get nominated for a Grammy nine times (or win three of them) without making some kind of stir in the music world.  For all intents and purposes, Rihanna has slid easily into the role of R&B’s ultimate “It Girl.” Her even-toned, Caribbean vocal flair has become her brand trademark.  Though she’s often aided by a slew of songwriters and producers, the pop princess deftly infuses her sultry Barbadian flavor into her musical presentation—a feat not easily duplicated.  As a result, Rihanna has amassed a string of Billboard 100 hits to her credit.  There isn’t a television commercial or artist collaboration that has gone under the radar since the island beauty burst onto the scene.

And speaking of beauty, it is painfully apparent that Rihanna’s shapely stature and flawless face are as famous as her popular hits.  It seems that with each passing album, the singer’s sultry side rises a bit more to the surface.   Those flirty eyes were made for CoverGirl mascara.  That mischievous pout is definitely the stuff that Gucci ads are made of.  And it is quite possible that the infectious song “Umbrella” was written just for a Totes (umbrella) endorsement.

But her evolution as a couture queen is what perhaps garners her the most attention.  An absolute fashion chameleon, Rihanna’s aptitude for easing into consistently edgy ensemble after ensemble is uncanny.   Serving as a style model for hundreds of urban communities must not be an easy feat.  But Rihanna pulls it off without effort—as is evidenced in fashion spreads for Vogue, W, and Cosmopolitan magazines, amongst dozens of others.   Robyn Rihanna Fenty proves with every step of her career, that Fashion really does rock.

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