Who’s the Business Partner of Your Dreams?


BrandMakerNews asked 100 entrepreneurs to name the celebrity/notable person they would choose as the business partner of their dreams. As the responses came in, there were clear favorites, a few surprises and great explanation of how specific celebrities could help move a small business into the big leagues.

While reviewing the list of dream business partners, one name stood out above the rest. Twenty-five percent of all entrepreneurs polled agreed that Sir Richard Branson is the dream partner that could help them reach their business goals.

“Sir Richard Branson is a brilliant businessman, creative, fun, and a class act. As I am in the marketing/advertising agency business, Richard Branson would be a perfect match as a business partner both for coming up with brilliant ad campaigns and for building and maintaining relationships with clients.” -Peter Geisheker, CEO of The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm.

“Richard Branson is the business partner of my dreams. He has courage, gumption, humor & the wherewithal to get things done. How he has taken one brand & extended it into various industries is remarkable. He started with nothing & turned it into something (REALLY something).” -Gina Frieze, Founder & Cheese Wiz of Venissimo Cheese.

“I would pick Richard Branson. Although his Virgin Group now owns over 360 companies he started the group from scratch with one company. He’s also an avid philanthropist with a focus on how entrepreneurs can help deal with environmental issues. He is a strong believer in sustainable prosperity (the ability to make money selling products or services that are eco friendly AND comparable in price/performance to non eco friendly alternatives).” -Doug Burgoyne, CEO of Frogbox.

Oprah Winfrey trailed Branson as the second most popular choice. Twenty percent of the business owners polled chose Oprah as the one celebrity who could help them turn their business into an instant success.

“I would have to choose Oprah. I’m just starting to write my second book. Since every book that Oprah has ever endorsed has turned into a best seller-she would definitely be my dream partner!” -Robert Arnoff of Arnoff and Associates, Inc.

“My dream business partner would be Oprah Winfrey, because everything she touches turns to gold!” -April Meese, Owner of Customized Beauty.

In addition to Winfrey and Branson, other popular picks included Steve Jobs, Jay-Z, Bill Gates, Tony Hsieh, Warren Buffet, Beyonce Knowles, and Tina Fey among others. The most unexpected responses were Richard Simmons, Paris Hilton and the Pope.

“I would love to work with someone like Jay-Z who not only is a tremendously successful artist, but also a mogul in the fashion industry. Being a fan of his music and inspirational lyrics, I am also impressed with how he runs his business. As a native of Tampa, FL, his connections in NYC and the World would be invaluable to a small business owner like myself.” -Joe Sale, Founder of Anchor Neckwear.

“My dream business partner would be Tony Hsieh from Zappos. I am reading his book ‘Delivering Happiness’ and he is truly an inspiration - he’s smart, unique and funny! His attitude is awesome and he’s definitely someone I would like to learn from and do business with. I would take him as a mentor any day!” -Kenya D’Agustino, Marketing Director of Hip Purse.

Thanks to everyone who already replied to BrandMakerNews’ roundtable discussion. It’s never too late to dream, so go ahead and tell us who you’d choose as the business partner of your dreams. Add your celebrity pick below…

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  1. camille Green-Louie
    Posted July 9, 2010 at 7:54 PM | Permalink

    My dream business partner would be none other than Marcia Kilgore (bliss spa). She is a dynamite business woman. As the founder and creator of bliss spa, soap and glory products, and the fit flop, she has proven to be super creative and a marketing wonder. I’m in awe!

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