In Diddy We Trust


If you have been closely following the career of Hip Hop mogul, Sean Combs, then you may have had little difficulty keeping up with his evolution of names.  Puffy, Puff, Puff Daddy, Diddy…the name may change; but the power behind the brand stays the same.

Before Harlem (Combs’ birthplace) underwent its latest “Renaissance”, it was notorious for its meager beginnings.  But don’t let his roots fool you. This Howard University educated rapper spent some time behind a desk before ripping it on the mic.  While cavorting with New York’s up-and-coming R&B/hip-hop stars, Diddy was carefully honing his business skills.  By the time the Notorious B.I.G. hit his musical peak, Combs had already set up Bad Boy Records.

But if you have seen the movie “Notorious”, then you know all about this story. What the movie doesn’t show you is how quickly Diddy’s business acumen granted him the title of “Mogul.”  While rapping as Puffy, he established his haughty persona—an attribute that some would say overshadowed his actual lyrical ability.  But it is also this quality that makes his endless brand of products so popular in the mainstream.

Sean John clothes are like uniforms for the hip-hop community.  If you’re an Atlanta city dweller and want to be seen, eat at Justin’s restaurant.  While you’re there order a glass of Ciroc, on the rocks.  He owns a piece of that too.  In fact, Diddy’s larger-than-life personality has been stamped on more business ventures than most people can name. This is perhaps one of the reasons why it is claimed Diddy never sleeps.  Who can sleep when you are running multiple reality shows, acting on Broadway, producing songs, and helping to raise your children?  Most of us are struggling to juggle one, maybe two jobs at a time; Diddy manages at least two dozen of them.

Plenty of businessmen in the world involve themselves in multiple ventures.  But few of them are as visible in the public eye as Sean “Diddy” Combs.  We are amazed that one man can find so many different ways to reinvent himself in the business world, all the while never breaking a sweat.

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