10 Ways To Connect With Your Customers


If you’re not talking to your customers, you’re probably not selling much. With so many communication tools available today, there really is no excuse for not getting to know your audience.

In our social media obsessed world, customers expect greater access to you and your business. They want to be able to pull up your Facebook page, your Twitter stream, or your company blog to learn more about you, and to freely ask the questions that cross their minds. Companies that make it easy for their customers to communicate with them will thrive, while others will get left behind.

It’s time to get close and personal with your audience. Start talking, but more importantly… start listening! Spark conversations to see what your customers really want from your business.

Here are 10 communication tools savvy business owners use to connect with their customers… 

1. Facebook. Our product is easier to “explain” visually, so we are using Facebook to post photos and videos. Our end users also go there to show their own photos and post testimonials about the product. -Joanna Cali, Buoy Beach

2. F.A.Qs. I have a “Ask Dr. Jeanette” question area on my webpage and people use it. I tell people to ask me a question when they sign up for my newsletter and some of them do. When people buy something, I engage them by helping them. -Dr. Doris Jeanette

3. Surveys. The best ‘technique’ is to have enough intellectual curiosity to want to ask plenty of good questions of your customers. Salespeople, business owners, and entrepreneurs sometimes spend too much time looking for ways to make a simple thing (talking to your customers) a complicated thing. -Troy Harrison, Sales Force Solutions

4. Email. Another communication channel that is often underestimated is e-mail. E-mail is a very personal activity for many people, so if you can engage in a meaningful conversation in this channel, you will often see great results. The key is to provide value to the recipient of an e-mail. -Nick Robinson, Social Media Hq

5. Twitter. One of the best ways for small busineses to connect with their customers is to collect email addresses from customers/clients, and invite them to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter seems to me to have more relevance to Business, although the length of the information to be shared must be measured carefully. The most important thing is to remember that conversation means two way communication, which means you need to listen to what your customers say. -Alan Guinn, The Guinn Consultancy Group

6. Blog. Our blog allows us to share news, tips, and updates. It enables us to address questions and comments, promote press related to the company, and show a more personal side -so our customers can connect to the people behind the product. -Sophia Elson, Webplanner

7. E-Newsletters. To connect with my audience, I produce a monthly e-newsletter using Constant Contact that shares holiday customs, traditions, entertaining tips and recipes from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and other Latin-American countries. -Darlene Tenes

8. Live Events. There’s nothing that parallels to the live event for truly connecting with your customers, and this can be done for little or no personal investment. Hosting live events allows you to generate press, keep in touch with potential clients, and do good in the community. -Nurdan Johnsingh, Plan Ahead Events

9. Community Papers. We use “advertorial” style ads in local beach community papers to tell our story. These papers are very economical to advertise in, we can get a page for under $400 for an issue that will reach many thousands of beach-goers in a week. The advertorial briefly tells our story, and provides the web address, phone number, and a list of retailers local to the particular paper’s service area. -Joanna Cali, Buoy Beach

10. Skype Calls. We set up Skype calls with our members, and guide them through  any questions they may have regarding. We also use these live sessions to listen to their feedback. We love getting to know our audience and always look forward to meeting them in our workshops. It truly feels like we are all part of the same community which we’ve built together. -Inbal Gould, Writers Out

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your customers. They’re waiting for you to spark the conversation. Use the communication tools above to make your small business more valuable to your audience.

What other ways do you converse with your customers? Share your preferred method below…

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