10 Famous Names With Selling Power


There you are, standing at the perfume counter, spending too much money to smell like your favorite pop star. How did you arrive at this moment? What kind of marketing spell has been cast over you and your wallet? The truth is that some celebrities simply have enormous selling power. And if you don’t believe it, check out some of your favorite celebrities…

There is nowhere you can go without hearing the name Beyonce. With the help of her Dereon clothing line, the world’s Pop/R&B Princess, has managed to magically transform her glamorous image into something young ladies can identify with.

Gwen Stefani is yet another example of just how hard fashion ‘rocks.” Her quirky style has proved to be her ace in the hole: this modern-day Bo Peep and her little L.A.M.B.s have become Fashion Week fixtures.

You’ve seen Tyra Banks in her underwear more times than you can probably count. But with America’s Next Top Model and a hit talk show, this former Victoria’s Secret model has proven that she is much more than just a hot bod. Tyra has turned her beauty brand into Media Majesty. She’s a pro at “smiling with the eyes”, but still makes us feel like she lives right next door.

Smoking jackets, martinis and buxom, blonde bunnies—Hugh Hefneris Playboy. He and his brand made “Dirty Old Man” look good.

The majority of customers who own a George Foreman grill are too young to realize that he was once a boxing champion. This is a prime example of ubiquitous celebrity branding.

We’re so used to slathering Paul Newman’s tasty products on our food that we don’t even realize exactly how long this brand has been around. It is perhaps because of Newman’s wholesome persona (and the fact that proceeds go to charity) that continues to cement the late actor in the hearts (and cupboards) of millions.

Joe Francis showed the world exactly what suburbia’s little girls were doing on Spring Break. The Girls Gone Wild series of footage was something just short of soft-core porn. Tape by sleazy tape, Joe slowly built himself an empire.

The world hesitates to call Karrine Steffans’ foray into publishing a media brand per se. But the video vixen (and plaything to the stars) has cleverly parlayed her experiences into a series of sexual “self-help” books and “marital aides.”

Perhaps his name should be changed to Simon “Scowl” in honor of his infamous American Idol persona. But someone must like him: Simon Cowell’s name is listed in the fine print on dozens of million-dollar entertainment projects.

Victoria Beckham looks like a lady who lunches and isn’t shy about stripping down to her skivvies in a magazine with her hunky hubby. She makes extravagance look simple. Whether it’s shades, jeans, or bags, we all want a piece of whatever she’s selling.

So, if you’re still wondering how celebrities effortlessly rake in the millions, it’s probably because we spend so much trying to look and smell just like them.

The celebrity brands above… all mastered the sell.

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