Eva Longoria: My Time Has Come


As an entrepreneur, Hollywood actress, and wife to NBA star Tony Parker, Eva Longoria Parker lives somewhat of a fairytale life. But, her success and good fortune didn’t just happen overnight…it was a long time in the making. It’s hard to imagine but the Texas native wasn’t always considered one of the most beautiful women around. In fact, her childhood nickname was “prieta fea” meaning “ugly dark one.” As the only one in her family with “dark” skin she was teased and referred to as the adopted one. But now the tables have turned in her favor and Eva’s the one shining with a successful television career, a gorgeous husband, two restaurants, and tons of endorsement deals attached to her name.

The same face that was laughed at years ago is now the face of top brands like L’Oreal, Hanes, Bebe Sport, London Fog, Microsoft, New York & Co, and more. Despite her fame and accomplishments, Eva stays in touch with her roots and dedicates herself to charitable causes to help those in need. Named as the philanthropist of the year, Eva continues to help developmentally disabled children and serves as the spokesperson for Padres Contra El Cancer.

Let Eva Longoria Parker’s success remind you that even if you don’t appear to be the most likely person to succeed, and even if you are not the most popular one in the room, you can still triumph- if you believe in yourself and refuse to let others define you.

We compiled the following words of wisdom from Eva Longoria Parker to remind you that if you love yourself and believe in who you are- your time will come:

Success is worth waiting for. “I’m a late bloomer, my looks came pretty late, and success happened at the age 30. But I’m pleased about things not coming to me immediately, because it makes you appreciate it when you finally get it.”

Accept yourself for who you are. “God blessed me with some great features- some beautiful in my eyes and some not so beautiful.But, I think we are all created this way for a reason, so I have no desire to tamper with that.”

Live with no regrets. “I don’t regret anything I ever do or say. I don’t like to live my life being censored. I like to say what I feel and I think people respect that because you’re honest.”

Wait for the farmer. “I’ve always said I wanted a farmer, not a hunter. Hunters go for the kill and they move on. A farmer nurtures, he watches things grow.”

Do what you love. “There’s no amount of money that would make me decide something for a career.”

Don’t let other people’s opinion define you. “I grew up as the ugly duckling… so when someone calls me a sex symbol, it’s flattering but I never let it go to my head.”

Put in the work. “My work ethic comes from being surrounded by great women growing up- my mom and three sisters. There were no men and they’d really focus on education and career more than falling in love, getting married and having children.”

Set your goals high. “The pinnacle for me was being on Oprah.”

Looks come and go. “My number one priority is not to stay young forever. I want to grow old. Your looks can only last so long, and you can’t depend on them forever.”

Jealousy is an energy waster. “I learned very young that jealousy is a waste of energy, and the more you think about jealousy or act upon it, the more you create it.”

If you heed the words of Eva Longoria Parker, believe in yourself, and work toward your dream… your time will come.

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