Kim Kardashian: What’s In a Name?


She bears one of the most famous names in Hollywood history. As it stands, it seems virtually impossible to overshadow the legacy left by her father Robert Kardashian (noted for freeing O.J. Simpson from the potential clutches of the penal system in 1995.) But Kim Kardashian appears to have done just that.

In fact, many have dubbed her “the most famous Kardashian.” Indeed the woman is famous for a lot of things—especially her relationships with high profile athletes and entertainers. She has proven that she is more than just her father’s daughter. There’s more to the Hollywood Socialite Supreme than red carpet appearances and tabloid headlines.

The stylish celebutante’s stunning beauty has virtually guaranteed her a profitable modeling career. Playboy and Bongo Jeans are just two of the organizations that have benefited from Kim’s pin-up curves. But the raven-haired model is also co-owner of DASH, an upscale boutique located in Calabasas, California and also Miami’s tony South Beach.

Kim Kardashian’s exotic flair is perhaps responsible for the influx of endorsement opportunities she’s flooded with on a constant basis. Millions of women dying to possess a knockout figure copy her workout moves on her DVD, Workout with Kim Kardashian. And when those results are too slow, they opt for Quick Trim—a weight loss product Kim has also endorsed. Certainly, the Kim Kardashian trademark wouldn’t be complete without a fragrance line (aptly named “Kim Kardashian.”) A string of television appearances on shows such as CSI, “America’s Next Top Model” and even “Dancing with the Stars” –also top her résumé. She and her family proved to E! Network television viewers just how hard it is to “Keep up with the Kardashians.”

You could say that her very existence has become fodder for millions of fans—all clamoring for a peek into her private life. Clearly, Kim Kardashian has capitalized off the fascination that attracts legions of fans. But when you’re one of the most popular sex symbols in America, fame becomes a brand in and of itself.

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