Rachel Roy: Fashion’s Best Kept Secret


When you hear the name Rachel Roy, do images of tasty pasta recipes come immediately to mind?  If so, you’re probably thinking about “Rachael Ray”-the world’s most famous 30-minute chef.   Trust, that if you’ve been in the same room with Rachel Roy, you definitely wouldn’t forget her.  The stunningly beautiful Indian-Dutch fashion designer is most commonly associated with her marriage to hip hop mogul Damon Dash.

Though her looks rival any of today’s hip-hop video models, the exotic beauty is actually more popular behind the scenes.  She has dressed celebrities, been a stylist for magazines and fashion shoots, and even received a Bollywood industry award in 2006.

You may not really know who she is; but there is a 99% chance that you have seen her work throughout Hollywood-in magazines and on your favorite television shows.  Her website, RachelRoy.com is filled with refreshing and innovative outfit options.  You’re probably wondering what makes Rachel Roy any different from the billions of other stylists floating around.  Take a closer look at her work, and you will realize that she has quite the knack for transforming simple items into fabulous pieces (turning T-shirts into prom dresses? Really?) This kind of flair is the stuff that budget fashionistas scramble to get their hands on.

Discovering the duality of simple garments is the key to Rachel’s fabulous sense of style – a trend that is quickly overtaking the entertainment world.

What is perhaps most amazing about Rachel Roy is her uncanny ability to carve out such a large niche in the fashion industry while remaining under the radar – especially as a popular public figure.  One of the biggest department store labels of all time-Jones New York-formed a partnership with Rachel Roy in 2008 to produce her trendy designs for the mass-market.

Rachel has a penchant for pairing strong neutrals with all of the bells and whistles that stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus love.   Though the woman behind the brand remains relatively low-key, her fashions do not. Tribal prints, exotic inspiration, and eye-catching embellishments reign supreme—within reason.   If you want to turn heads when you walk into a room, you would be well suited (bad pun intended) by one of Rachel Roy’s amazing ensembles.

She may have been attached to one of hip-hop’s biggest names, but Rachel’s fashion legacy runs a lot deeper than a 30-minute snack.  Oh wait-that’s the other Rachael…

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    I’m new to the site so I’m catching up , but I am seriously loving the profiles that are being done on the mover and shakers in the business! Each is a true example of a brand. Some achieved their success through gimmicks, others knew the right people, and others through hard work and dedication but all prove show that there are many ways build, promote, and succeed at your business.

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