The Incredible Brand of Mr. & Mrs. Smith


You know him as the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”; She is Niobe from the hit Matrix films.  Together, they are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith—Hollywood couple extraordinaire.   To say that these two have achieved the status of “Hollywood Power Couple” would be an understatement. Individually, these two have racked up quite an impressive roster of films. Will has a mile-long list of blockbuster movie hits.

His cherubic good looks and squeaky-clean image have earned him a permanent place in the hearts of millions.  And Jada isn’t too far behind; the pint-sized beauty is famous for her gritty film and TV roles.

Outside of their film personas, their other career pursuits are equally remarkable.  Will and Jada have created a veritable empire based on their incredible mass appeal. Children’s books, fashion labels, the UPN sitcom (“All of Us”), and entertainment company– these are just some of the Golden Couple’s lucrative business pursuits.  They have a huge stake in Carol’s Daughter beauty products and are the founders of the Will and Jada Smith Foundation (aptly named) that helps inner-city families.

To be frank, diving into the long list of business ventures that these two are involved in would probably require several hours.  What is it about these two that makes them so attractive to the business world?  Being a triple threat in the entertainment industry certainly helps.  The endearing way they present their “imperfections” is probably what goes a long way in securing the trust of both colleagues and fans alike.  Indeed, the couple’s fairytale lifestyle is a lot more accessible to outsiders than that of other celebrities.

When you can earn the trust and respect of millions, it’s easy to get people to buy into whatever product you’re pushing—especially when that product happens to be the machine that is Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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  1. Treez
    Posted August 11, 2010 at 4:02 PM | Permalink

    Ummmmm….this article didn’t even tell is anything about them we didn’t already know from the 100s of profiles already done of them…step your game up.

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