Rob Dyrdek – America’s Skateboard King


When you discover that you’re really good at something, it’s kind of difficult not to keep the momentum going. Around the age of 12, Rob Dyrdek not only became a gifted skateboarder; he discovered that he could turn what most would call a kiddie hobby into something lucrative. While most wouldn’t consider skipping senior year to manufacture a career out of skateboarding, Dyrdek evidently caught a glimpse of a future filled with more than “sweet jumps.”

Ultimately, Rob’s creative mind led him to concoct the crazy idea that he needed a bodyguard while filming his skateboarding videos. Enter the stage, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. All Rob needed was a little incentive from MTV and he was on his way. Through the MTV reality series, “Rob & Big” Dyrdek was able to stamp his skateboarding brand onto millions of impressionable minds, touching both mainstream and underground audiences.

But Rob’s vision was fueled by the desire to solve an ongoing problem for skateboarders: location. Dyrdek was able to carve out yet another niche by creating a series of legal (and enjoyable) skate plazas—virtual wonderlands for skateboarders. This eventually led him to his Fantasy Factory, a warehouse facility housing an all-concrete skate plaza, offices, and a recording studio. In fact, MTV got in on this action too, offering Rob a new reality show in 2009 called “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” which features plenty of hilarious hijinks in and around the warehouse.

There is an entire generation of young men who-in the hopes of never “growing old”—can identify with his Rob’s youthful approach to pop culture. This man-child flew under Hollywood’s radar for the most part—skating his way into semi-stardom. The Dyrdek “skater” brand has made its way onto clothing, footwear, toys, and even the urban music community. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do. But Rob Dyrdek figured out a way to build an empire celebrating those things that many men were reluctant to leave in their childhoods.

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