Are You The Unhappy CEO?

Most small business owners start their companies because they are extremely passionate about the products, services and ideas they can share with the world. Unfortunately, after launching a business, many of those same entrepreneurs find that being a CEO isn’t as thrilling as it seemed from the outside.

Being in charge of a company means you no longer have the luxury of focusing exclusively on creating products and doing the work you love. Business owners have to spend time worrying about everything from taxes and staffing to marketing and legal issues. The unglamorous part of running a business can put a lot of wear and tear on new entrepreneurs.

A recent article examines the reason why Twitter’s Co-Founder, Evan Williams resigned from his CEO position. Williams recently released a statement saying he was stepping down so that he could “focus on product strategy.” There’s a lot of speculation about the real reason he resigned… but perhaps the CEO just wanted to be “happy” again.

What’s your take? How do you keep yourself from becoming the unhappy CEO?

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