How To Manage Older Employees


If you are a young entrepreneur, you’ll eventually have to hire older employees to give your company the experience and skills it needs to grow. While managing employee relations is a challenge in itself, managing someone ten or thirty years older than you requires a special set of skills.

Thankfully, the Harvard Business Review offers the following five tips to help younger bosses effectively manage older workers. Young business owners should pay close attention to the tips below, to help their older counterparts bring their best to work everyday.

Here are 5 tips to help you manage older employees more effectively:

1. Over-communicate your company vision- Senior managers will look to you as the leader to set and communicate the vision.

2. Don’t provide all the details- Give older employees the broad mission, and let them define the details to get the job done. Don’t hold their hand and try to guide them step by step. Encourage them to come up with their own method to accomplish the task at hand.

3. Demand hard work from yourself- Let your older workers see you working long hours, sending emails early and late, checking into the office while traveling, etc… Let your hard work ethic serve as the example for your older employees to follow.

4. Stay calm in difficult situations- Older employees will be skeptical of your judgment and decision-making abilities. When tough issues arise keep a cool head, keep your voice steady, and make sure your body language shows that you have things under control.

5. Ask for their opinions- Even when you don’t need their input, let older employees know that you value their insight and welcome their point of view.

For additional tips on how younger bosses can effectively manage older employees, check out the original article on the Harvard Business Review.

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