The Rise of the Temporary Employee


Small business owners, reluctant to hire new full-time employees are increasingly turning to temporary workers for help. With the rise of new technology and websites like oDesk and Go Freelance it is easy for entrepreneurs to find and pay for the specialized skills they need to keep their businesses afloat.

These temporary workers, in the form of interns, temps, freelancers, and outsourcing shops make it possible for small businesses to operate without a single full-time employee.

While many entrepreneurs hire temporary employees to avoid payroll taxes and employee benefits, other small business owners use this hiring practice to test out potential employees before extending full-time employment opportunities to them.

A recent Businessweek article showcased the many ways entrepreneurs like you use temporary workers to grow their businesses. Check out their stories, adhere to their tips, and research the best ways to staff up your company. Talented temps are out there… waiting to hear from you. Go get the help you need!

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