What’s Your Business Forecast?


When you think about your small business is your forecast bright and sunny, or dark and cloudy?

A new survey, published by the Discover Small Business Watch, reports that small business owners continue to lose confidence in the economy and its impact on their businesses. In fact, 58% of small business owners rated the economy as poor, and 57% expect it to get even worse. The study also revealed that record numbers (73%) of small business owners are taking home less pay.

The overall confidence index dropped to 83 in July from 86.1 in June.

“Small business owners still aren’t feeling any positive effects from anything going on in the bigger economy,” said Ryan Scully, director of Discover’s business card, who commissions the monthly research. “They’ll be holding back their economic enthusiasm until they have tangible evidence that their bottom lines are improving.”

Are you confident about your business? I hope so! Don’t let these statistics get you down. While everyone else is hanging their head low, keep looking ahead for great opportunities in your path. Stay optimistic, stay focused, and stay confident in your business.

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