How to Help Your Business Beat the Heat


Earlier this year, NASA predicted that 2010 would be the warmest year on record, and summer temperatures in many areas of the country have already spiked into triple digits. As hot temperatures are likely to continue, it is important to be mindful of the dangers of excessive heat.

Here are tips to ensure the safety of your employees and business operations this summer:

1. Cool the air in your building or business. Even a few hours spent in an air conditioned setting can greatly reduce your employees’ risk of heat illness. If employees work primarily outside or as drivers, provide on-site shaded rest areas or require that air conditioning be used in vehicles.

2. Adjust the work schedules of employees who work outdoors to accommodate time to rest from the summer heat. Postpone nonessential tasks to cooler times of the day.

3. Ensure employees are drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. Water helps cool the body as temperatures rise. Supply buildings and work sites with water and advise drivers to keep bottled water handy.

4. Ask employees to wear proper summer clothing and/or sunscreen to protect against the heat and sun. Lightweight light-colored clothing is best, as it reflects both heat and sunlight.

5. If possible, use reflective construction material on your property and plant vegetation that will protect your facility from the sun. For example, use a reflective material on the roof or plant trees that provide shade for a natural cooling effect.

6. Develop an emergency plan or written procedure regarding heat illness and educate your employees regarding how to prevent, recognize and respond to it.

7. Ensure that all work sites and workers are equipped with the proper tools (e.g., cell phones) to make emergency calls.

8. Should an employee become ill, be sure they are promptly treated by a medical professional.

Tell us what you’re doing to help your business beat the Summer heat…

Source: OneBeacon Insurance

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