The Future of Banking is Here


While most banks allow you to check your account balance and transaction details online, there are still other conveniences that would make our lives a lot easier. Imagine not having to go to the bank to deposit checks. Or, to be able to pay someone by just plugging in their e-mail address. Well, thanks to JPMorgan Chase, these services are available through their updated iPhone app called Chase Mobile.

Chase customers can use the free app, available in the iTunes store to quickly deposit checks directly from their iPhone. To activate the Quick Deposit service, use your iPhone to select the account you want the funds to go into, take a picture of the front and bank of the check, and your money is deposited into your bank…without ever having to step near a bank.

Additionally, the updated Chase Mobile app allows you to send payments to anyone who has an email address, with its QuickPay feature.

Currently the conveniences of Quick Deposit and QuickPay are only available on newer iPhone models, and work only if you have an account with JPMorgan Chase.

Hopefully this innovation will encourage other banks to follow suit and bring similar conveniences to customers far and wide.

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