Military Lessons For Your Business


Businesses should adopt military practices to run their organizations better. That’s what former British Royal Marine, Ian Gardiner explained in his interview with CNN. “Tens of thousands of decisions are taken daily by the lowest paid people on which success or failure depends. That’s how it happens on the battlefield. A lot of business people don’t understand that.”

Gardiner’s top military lessons for your business:

1. Have a strong sense of mission

“Most businesses have no clear idea of what they are trying to achieve and why. Modern military organizations have developed doctrines called ‘mission command’ or ‘mission-based leadership’ which is an acknowledgement that no military person will go into action without knowing what he is trying to achieve and why.”

2. Create a people oriented culture
“Businesses get hung up on what they call management. What they fail to understand is that all the assets that managers manage – the ones that make or break them – are people. Culture supplements the mission and is about providing training and encouragement. This helps to inspire people to make decisions in your name.”

3. Have trust in your team
“You’ve got to understand where excellence comes from. It doesn’t come because you’ve got excellent people. Excellence comes when you get ordinary, normal people to give their best. The absolute glue, which holds it all together, is trust. With trust comes a workforce which is loyal, committed and proud of the organization and want it to flourish.”

Are you ready to put your company through boot camp? What’s your take on Gardiner’s military approach to business?

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