Who’s Jacking Your Office Supplies?


If you’re looking for ways to cut your business expenses, you need to take a look at the data revealed in a national survey put out by OfficeMax. According to the study, your employees and colleagues may be jacking your office supplies, and costing you tons of money in the process.

- Close to six in ten (56%) employed Americans admittedly take products from their employer for their personal use at home.
- Three in ten (30%) working Americans who take supplies home say they considered it an act of borrowing and planned to bring the items back.
- Twenty-five percent say they didn’t think their employer would really miss the supplies.
- Feeling pressed for time, some admit pilfering products because it was easier to take supplies from their office than purchase them (27%) or because they simply did not have time to get the items outside of work (24%).
Regardless of the “supply-jackers” intentions, the common practice of taking office supplies for personal use can be costing your small business big bucks.

Any entrepreneur looking for ways to reduce business expenses would be wise to monitor their inventory of office supplies- and should introduce new company policies to deter employees from taking supplies away from the business. Taking these measures to avoid wasted dollars can add up to huge savings for your small business.

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