10 Ways to Market Yourself Like A Celebrity


Celebrities trying to market their brands are faced with extreme competition. It takes more than good looks and a publicist to churn out profits.  But with a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.  Check out some of these interesting strategies.

  1. Reality Shows: Jessica Simpson is shown traipsing around the world in high heels throughout her newest reality show, “The Price of Beauty”—a smart move, considering that she has her own shoe line.
  2. Provide “Basic” Necessities: Tameka “Tiny” Cottle (T.I.’s fiancee) opened a trendy nail salon/bar outside of Atlanta—proving that simple ventures are sometimes the best ones.
  3. “Be” Your Product: Do you really think that women would be clamoring for L.A.M.B. clothes if Gwen Stefani didn’t look so good in them?
  4. Offer Good Food: Sometimes restaurant success is as simple as providing heartfelt food.  Justin Timberlake offers plenty of “Southern Hospitality” in one of his New York restaurants.
  5. Use of a Trendy Song: Nelly’s Apple Bottom song reference was so omnipotent that even Oprah had to get a pair of the aptly named jeans.
  6. Disease: Sometimes disease can be marketable.  Patti Labelle fashioned a healthy cookbook out of her diabetic condition.
  7. Play Into Human Vices: There are few celebrities that fail when they stamp their names on an alcoholic beverage. Dr. Dre, Diddy, and Jay-Z have found success in the “spirits.”
  8. Capture the Underground Market: Not everybody likes rock group, Fall Out Boy. But Pete Wentz capitalizes off this underground market with “Clandestine”—a clothing line featuring rock/comic hoodies and accessories.
  9. Be Pretty, Really Pretty: Beautiful pop singers like Beyonce are shoo-ins for cosmetics and hair product companies. This often makes it easier for them to set up their own businesses.
  10. Make Affordable Stuff: If you really want people to shop with you, make sure they can afford it.  One of the best things Isaac Mizrahi could’ve done was set up a clothing line at Target.

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