How to Stay Focused this Summer


Every year, when the temperature heats up outside, I find it harder to focus on work. My mind constantly thinks about going to the beach, cooking up some barbecue, or chilling by the pool. If you’re like me, then we both suffer from what I call the summer distraction disorder (SDD). And, the warmer months really challenge us to do what we have to do, instead of the fun stuff we’d like to do.

Here are a 5 ways to beat the summer blues (and to keep distractions from interfering with your business):

Work Hard, Play Later: As entrepreneurs, no one’s over our shoulders telling us when we have to clock into work, or what time we can leave. But, it’s up to us to make sure that our work is done before we head out to play. Never schedule play before work…you will always find a reason to prolong the play, and your work will be compromised.

Put Your Business on Cruise Control: For most entrepreneurs, we are our businesses. If we’re not there, then the work that pays our bills is not happening. We have to stay disciplined during the warmer months. But, we also have to plan ahead for the SDD that will ultimately kick in. Find ways to put your business on cruise control during the Summer months so that the money will keep rolling in… without requiring intense labor from you.

Plan for Additional Time Off: Don’t cheat your business by taking the Summer off (mentally or physically). Instead, create a realistic work schedule that will allow you to get some sun, while staying on top of your business. Just like large companies have flexible hours during the warmer months, you too should give yourself time off for Summer fun. But, make sure you’re not sporadic about when you will and won’t work.

Stick to the Plan: Add “time-off” to your weekly schedule. Try giving yourself Friday’s off, half-day Wednesday’s, or no-work Saturday’s. Just take a look at your business. Factor in the needs of your staff, customers, and family. Create a Summer work schedule that works best for your situation. And stick to the plan!

Focus on Work/Life Balance: While it is important to keep growing your business, it’s crucial for you to have a great work-life balance. As the temperature rises- give yourself the freedom to catch some rays. You may even be surprised to find inspiration for your business- during your time off.

Now that you know how to beat the Summer Blues… grab your sunblock and shades, and enjoy the sunshine!

I know I’m not the only entrepreneur suffering from summer distractions.  How do you balance work and play during the warmer months?  Share your tips below…

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