20 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Rocks


[UPDATED] The BrandMakerNews team selected 20 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Rocks as one of the best stories ever published on our site. The words of the entrepreneurs featured in this article remind us of just how similar entrepreneurs are. We are all united by our passion, motivation and drive, regardless of how different we may appear on the outside.

This story inspired us to create OneMillionEntrepreneurs.com, a new online resource that celebrates extraordinary entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

We invite you to tell us about you and your business… share what you love most about entrepreneurship, and let One Million Entrepreneurs support your business goals. Why entrepreneurship rocks…

BrandMakerNews asked hundreds of entrepreneurs to describe what they loved the most about running their own businesses. As more than two hundred responses poured in, the rewards of entrepreneurship became clear.

The respondents agreed that entrepreneurship rocks because it: allows for more quality time with loved ones, provides a more flexible work schedule/life balance, gives individuals more creative control and freedom to make their own decisions, enables them to be true to themselves, their beliefs and their values, and allows them to determine their own success, destiny, and self-worth.

While entrepreneurship is often associated with risks and challenges, these entrepreneurs spoke up loud and clear to declare that the rewards of business ownership make the hardships worthwhile.

When asked to describe what they loved most about the entrepreneurial life, here’s what 20 business owners had to say

“When you finally get past the insanity of start-up and your company is making money, and winning awards, you step back and say, “wow, this mine! We built this!” The joy of seeing a concept and business plan you spent 6 months writing succeed is like nothing else. Also, I love that you can spend 80 hours working one week and 20 the next- and no one can tell you when you need to be at work.” -Kristin Peabody, Hiatus Spa + Retreat

“I love running my own thing. The best thing about being an entrepreneur is freedom from the restrictions of others; control over your own destiny. What I love most is the fact that I’m not “slaving out” my time to anyone. It’s mine to do what I choose with it.” -Shaharris Beh, sunrank

“Being an entrepreneur allows me to have the most creative ideas, without worrying about someone else watering them down or being fearful of the outcome. I love that I don’t have to think about being what someone else wants me to be. I’m free to be me, to explore my ideas, and to accomplish the goals I set for myself.” -David Harley, The BrandMakers

“The best part about being an entrepreneur is that I control my life now. I am able to set my own hours and take vacation when it works best for me. I also now have the time to drop my daughter off at school, pick up her and have dinner with her everyday. I could never go back to having a job because I would feel trapped. I am limitless now. Whatever I want to accomplish I go for it, with no fear.” -Dr. Donna Thomas-Rodgers, The Power Starters

“The best thing is the choices entrepreneurship offers. I love that I choose my clients. I choose where I market myself. I choose my blog post topics. I choose my pricing model. I love choosing what I’m going to work on day to day, and I love the challenge of figuring out how to make this all work.” -Kimberly Gauthier, Kimberly Gauthier Photography

“The best thing about being an entrepreneur is the unlimited possibilities! Every day offers the promise of new challenges, new clients and new creativity! I love running my own business because it empowers me to make decisions for myself and my family without fear of repercussions. As an entrepreneur, I earn my own rewards for being innovative. The harder I work, the greater and immediate my gratification is!” -Crystal Brown-Tatum, Crystal Clear Communications

“Despite the downturn of the economy, being my own boss is something I wouldn’t trade for the world! Yes; there is an enormous amount of stress. There are also many benefits: I can take time off whenever I choose, go to the gym or to a doctor’s appointment without having to ask permission from anyone, etc etc. But the best thing about being an entrepreneur is that I will always be in control of how much money I make. Period.” -Emily Fry, In Good Company

“In a nutshell, entrepreneurship is freedom. Freedom to live your values, freedom to work with people you care about, and freedom to innovate. Once you’ve experienced the freedom of running your own business, conventional employment feels like a prison sentence. I say this as a recent business school graduate who has been down both the entrepreneurial and conventional paths before.” -Ashok Kamal, Bennu LLC

“The best life to live is the life that you have chosen!  I am able to live uninhibited, and to the beat of my own drum! Its really fulfilling. Whatever you choose to do professionally, should include service,passion, and income.  I accomplish these requirements while being able to change peoples lives! I would never trade entrepreneurship for a 9-5! I enjoy being the leader of my destiny.” -Alfred Blake, I Am Multi

“The best thing about being an entrepreneur is the ability to guide your business according to your own philosophies, ideals, and traditions. My grandfather started his first restaurant in 1912, and instilled values in my father, which were passed on to me. Being an entrepreneur allows me to share my family’s values with the world. That is what means the most to me. And it’s something I wouldn’t trade for any other job.” -Nick Anthony, Papouli’s Greek Grill Restaurants

“I love running my own business because it allows me to have flexibility in my schedule. I have a two year old daughter and while we do have part time daycare, it allows me to spend the bulk of my day with her. I started my business to help me get through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. The opportunity to work when I could was a huge help to my recovery.” -Kara Hermanson, The Green Coconut

“What makes it delicious is maximizing my ability to control my professional life. No one client represents more than 20 percent of total revenue. If we loose a piece of business, it can ruin my morning. It never ruins my year or my life.” -Laurence J. Stybel, Stybel Peabody Lincolnshire

“Being an entrepreneur can be stressful, frustrating, time-consuming and quite solitary. But these aspects, and all other aspects are your own creations. That’s very freeing, to know that you can invent your working conditions, strategy and outlook entirely. It’s also a great challenge. I love the very notion of breaking even and, amazingly, even getting ahead. To venture out and to have things work feels incredible. It’s like throwing a football, running after it, and catching it. The self-directed pursuits of entrepreneurship have a reward-a hard-earned freedom-I just can’t resist.” -Trevor MacDermid, Underground Signs

“I love being a small business owner. As a woman with two pre-school-aged children, it is hard to work at somebody else’s dictated schedule. Now that I run my own company, I can set my own schedule. I decide what meetings I go to and what meetings I can send somebody else to, and that makes the rest of my life more manageable.” -Stefani Zellmer, The Swizzle Collective

“Entrepreneurship is wonderful because as a single parent of 2 boys not only do I get to work in a career that I love, but I have the flexibility to enjoy it without the feeling of neglecting my family. I run a PR agency and the other enjoyable thing is I am able to work and meet the demands of my clients without the stereotypical “attitude” associated with this industry.” -Nivia E. Prescod, Vidori PR

“I love that I can run my business my own way without someone else questioning my every move. I’ve worked for some good bosses and some bad ones in the past, but invariably my work would be whittled down to the safest average possible. When you run your own business, however, the buck stops with you and each and every risk is your own to take.” -Colin Wright, Exile Lifestyle

“The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that I have complete control over my career, my life, and my place in the world. I get to create exactly what I want and use my gifts and talents to serve others in the best way I know how. I would never trade entrepreneurship because I want to turn my own dreams into reality, not work for someone else to create theirs!” -Stephanie Mansour, Step It Up WIth Steph

“What I love most about being an entrepreneur is raising my 10 year old daughter and being an active part of her every day life, I pick her up from school, work with her doing her homework, hear about her day and she gets to know me as a father and not just a bread winner. I wouldn’t trade running my business to work for anyone ever again.” -Derrick M. Guest, Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services

“The best thing about being an entrepreneur is having virtually unlimited freedom to explore your passions and reap the rewards of doing so, which makes you even more passionate about what you do. Even if you LOVE what you’re doing, if you’re doing it for someone else, it’s never quite the same.” -Jordan Harbinger, The Art of Charm, Inc.

“The best thing abut being an entrepreneur is being able to put all your efforts into making your ideas a reality and sharing that idea with people. I’d never trade entrepreneurship for employment because of the freedom that comes with being your own boss. You’re able to put your own plans into motion and work with people that help you build your dream.” -Natalie Thompson, Laudme Clothing

The responses above prove that entrepreneurship rocks on so many level. Challenges along the entrepreneurial journey are inevitable, but great rewards are waiting for those who persevere.

The BrandMakerNews team celebrates everyone who was brave enough to turn their ideas into growing businesses. We encourage you to keep pushing your business forward, and to never forget just how much entrepreneurship rocks.

Connect with small business owners and entrepreneurs like you, on http://OneMillionEntrepreneurs.com.

Be great!

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  1. Posted November 17, 2010 at 11:49 AM | Permalink

    These are wonderful reminders during Global Entrepreneurship Week that what we are doing not only matters, but can bring incredible personal satisfaction. Once you’ve worked for yourself, it’s very hard to give up control of your time, income and choices in life to someone else ever again.

    When you really look at what it means to have a job, an entrepreneur realize that’s the last place you would want to be. For a country that values freedom, the idea of having to work for someone else really goes against that. America was founded on individuals who fought for their own income. We are a nation of entrepreneurs who didn’t wait for someone else to decide for them how to make a living.

    • Posted November 18, 2010 at 12:02 AM | Permalink

      Thanks for your comment, Patrick. The entrepreneurial path is truly liberating, and few things can compare to watching a business dream, come true. Cheers to entrepreneurship!

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