How To Win New Customers Over


If every entrepreneur uses the same branding tactics then no one’s business is going to stand out. Now that more business owners are starting to focus on building their brands, you have to go beyond the call of duty to win new customers over. Get would-be customers to choose you by applying these advanced branding strategies to your business.

3 ways to win new customers…

1. Give your satisfied customers incentives to post positive reviews of your business online. Before I try a new restaurant, mechanic, or other service I search online to see what other customers had to say about that business. I set my expectations based on the comments left by previous customers. Since more customers are seeking reviews before trying out a new service, small business owners can use that to their advantage by keeping their business flooded with positive reviews. Encourage your customers to post reviews. Even if you get a couple negative comments from disgruntled souls, the flow of positive praise will balance it out and hopefully tip the scale in your favor. Put these reviews on Yelp and even on your business’ website so they’ll show up when someone Googles your company name.

2. Talk directly to your perfect customer. Maximize your branding efforts by specifically targeting the people who are most likely to support your business. Facebook ads are a great way to target your desired demographic. If you’re a wedding planner you could use Facebook to send your ad specifically to women in your city who were recently engaged. Or if you own a gym you could target men whose profiles express an interest in fitness. You get the idea. Because facebook has so much info on the millions of people that visit the site each day, entrepreneurs with even the most modest budget can use it to connect with their most desired customers.

3. Use the power of association. Remember there is always someone else your customers can buy goods from, so you have to make them choose you. One way to set yourself apart is to showcase the distinguished people who have chosen you in the past. When I relocated to Los Angeles, I was reluctant about trying out this new hair salon, but as soon as I saw its roster of celebrity clientele I knew I was in good hands. New customers will be excited to support your business just because someone they admire supports it too. If you have a restaurant take a picture with your high profile customers and display the photos where others will see it. Invite local celebrities and influencers (politicians, police chief, school principals, college professors, radio announcers, athletes, etc…) to support your business and use their support to influence others.

If you want to take your business to new heights you can’t be afraid to try new branding tactics. An ad in the newspaper doesn’t cut it anymore. Make your business the most desirable choice by using the branding tips above.

What other branding tactics are you using to win new customers for your business? Share your tips below.

Be great!

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